Hand Built Wheels

Riders of almost any level will benefit from a custom handbuilt wheel.  Whether you commute to work, ride for recreation on the weekends or are a pro racer, we have the experience and expertise to build the perfect wheels for you and your application.

The wheels we craft aren’t built around hype or fancy marketing, but rather hours of real world testing to ensure we can truly say our wheels will meet and exceed the performance and value of anything available on the market today.  This is why we can back every one of our handbuilt wheels with a lifetime free truing policy and an unconditional guarantee against broken spokes as a result of fatigue.United Bicycle Institute & DT Swiss certified wheel builder, Steve Sauter

Our United Bicycle Institute and DT Swiss certified wheel builder, Steve Sauter:

  • Developed and built a jig to test rim roundness and trueness before they are laced to a hub to ensure only the best rims are used
  • Has tested hubs for stiffness and torque transfer capabilities
  • Collected deflection data for 100s of wheels, both custom and manufactured
  • Developed an adjustable flanged hub to test the effects of flange spacing, dish and triplet lacing
  • Has worked with a University of Michigan professor of materials to help develop a curriculum to analyze bicycle wheel spoke fatigue

Steve, who is obsessed with wheels and perfecting the handbuilt wheel to make sure the customer is getting the best wheel build and wheel components for their application, shares some of his thoughts:

I do as much testing as possible on wheels for a number of reasons.  First, I want to know for myself what is hype and what is not.  Testing different aspects of a wheel allows me to see if a wheel will really hold up during its intended use.  Second, I can be confident that the wheels and their components that I sell are sold not because someone else says they are great or because of marketing hype, but because I understand what is needed to make a great wheel.  The components I pick for a rider and their application have been verified, by me, through testing, therefore allowing for a specific fit to a riders characteristics.  Third, the learning process never stops.  The more I learn through testing the better I can build wheels to each customer’s specifications to ensure they are getting the very best for their intended use and budget.  I also can stay up to date on new technologies and wheel components.