Bike fit is a partnership between you and the bike. If the two are incompatible, the partnership will fail. Proper bicycle fit is essential to not only ensure performance and enjoyment, but minimize the possibility of physical problems, and assure you, the rider, of a long, comfortable, healthy cycling career. Because cycling is a learned skill, instead of an inherent one, the best position is not always initially chosen. Our goal is to maximize the enjoyment of cycling by finding the dynamic position that optimizes your performance, comfort, handling, and alignment.

A properly sized bicycle is comfortable. It promotes efficiency of movement, and the capacity to generate power and speed. It allows you to breathe easily and deliver oxygen to hard working muscles. You can more effectively handle, stabilize, and balance on the bike. The body is aligned, and you become connected with the bike. We believe in making the bike fit you, not you fit the bike. A bike’s position is changed easily, while stretching or contorting youself to fit the bike is hard, and can be often painful.

Cycling is a sport of repetition. A cadence of 90 revolutions per minute equates to 5400 revolutions per hour. This means that during a 6 hour century, you pedal approximately 30000 times. Every revolution is nearly identical, so you should be in the safest position to allow this type of repetitive activity. A saddle that is 5 millimeters too low on a six hour century can lead to major knee pain in the course of just that ride. This is why proper fit is so crucial.

At Great Lakes Cycling and Fitness, we draw on years of experience and a blend of fitting techniques that have been proven and accepted throughout the cycling community. From the entry level mountain bike, to the fully custom handmade frames, we believe every rider needs to be fit. Every person is unique and has unique physical dimensions, and by taking these measurements, we can calculate a proper “neutral” starting position, and choose a bike based on the size, as well as your intended use and requirements. We also offer more extensive fitting services in which we assess your unique history, lifestyle, goals, fitness level, body type, flexibility and range of motion, riding experience, past injuries and current physical concerns. These fittings include an interview, a physical assessment, and dynamic on-bike positioning. Applying sound principles of biomechanics, and working with your unique physical characteristics, we arrive at a position best suited to you as an individual.